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The Secrets Behind How Millennial Moms Buy Lawn Mowers

Original source: The Marketing Insider

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 5.13.25 PM.png COMMENTARY
by Maria Bailey , Columnist, The Marketing Insider

Just in time for Father’s Day, we’ve uncovered the shopper mystery of how the youngest of millennial moms buy a lawn mower. You may think that this is an odd topic to ponder, but the insights gathered actually allow brands to understand the consumer path to purchase in this lucrative market -- and other similar ones.

I have to credit this topic to a marketing executive in the audience of a Millennial Mom Panel I moderated last week at a retail conference. It was among the most bizarre questions I’ve ever heard asked — but one that unearthed great insights.

To put the discussion into context, the mom panel was comprised of six Gen Z and young millennial moms. Earlier, they had all agreed that Amazon and Instagram were their go-to product research tools, but what about for a lawn mower? Here’s the path to purchase that our moms traveled to that perfect Father’s day gift:

The first stop on their purchasing journey was friends. They agreed that a lawn mower is a large purchase, so they found the experiences of their peers to be important. A quick post in a private Facebook group or a text message to gal pals helps them find a starting point. Purchases over $200 usually warrant the help of friends, the group added.

Online reviews:
None of our moms would purchase a new product without reading online reviews. Amazon is typically the first stop for reviews, even if they are written by strangers. Mom will also visit Pinterest and Instagram. The moms said that Pinterest is an overlooked platform by brands. They use Pinterest because the reviews are typically part of a longer blog. For research, these longer formats are filled with details that are quite helpful to them.

Sale emails and website specials: Once she has decided on brand and style, price is her next concern. The Gen Z mom is particularly frugal, and she wants to know she is getting a good deal. Our mom panel agreed that they learn about deals via email and by visiting retailer websites. They compare prices across multiple sites and search for online coupons to earn extra savings.

Ease of delivery:
Our moms agreed that delivery is the new norm for shopping — and unless they need it today, they are likely to have items shipped to their home. They said that making delivery easy and FREE goes a long way in winning their loyalty. Free shipping will seal the deal and earn on source for balance of the article

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